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Hola! My name is Maria Tindall. I am a wife, mother, daughter and big sister of 9.
I was born and raised in Tucson, AZ but for the last 21 years anywhere the Navy sends me has been called home. I met my husband Robert when I was stationed in Italy and we started our little family. Damon, Myles, and our 2 dogs.
I am currently a Chief Hospital Corpsman in the US Navy. I am also a nationally certified Advanced Radiographer but my real passion is Sonography. In my free time I like making crafts with my kids or my guilty pleasure getting cozy in my bed watching the Discovery ID channel (If you know, you know).
I became part of the Say It Sis crew a year ago and have met some amazing ladies who have become like Sisters! I love that this platform has allowed me to hear other women’s perspectives and encouraged me to also be heard.

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Dionne Michell Georges is a native of Suffolk, Virginia. She was born and raised in Virginia with 5 sisters and 1 brother. She received a Bachelors’s degree from Virginia State University with a major in Information Systems.  And she loves to watch action movies on the big screen, especially with her husband. She’s been married for 17 years and is blessed to have 4 kind and healthy kids. She enjoys eating Italian food and trying new things. It gives her great pleasure to serve a role in women’s lives as a supporter and encourager. Mentoring young women to find their purpose and achieve their goals in life. She currently serves also side to her husband, Pastor Chris at Fullness Church. 

Her goal one day is to travel abroad to Paris, Spain, and Australia. She has already visited Aruba and fell in love with the tropical islands’ blue waters which drives her to want to visit more places. Maturing through life, many women inspire me but the first is my mom. She loves God and her family and would help a stranger off the street. She is sweet, kind, loving, and so much more.

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I’m the amazing Teresa Starks, a hardworking stay at home mom. I’m passionate, determined, and understanding. I enjoy shopping and going out to eat. Salmon pasta and lemon pepper chicken wings are some of my favorite foods.  I am married with two girls and one boy. I am a southern church girl from South Carolina. My hobbies are watching movies, drawing, traveling, playing basketball and softball.  I’m a graduate of South Carolina State University. After I graduated, I pursued a career in Management, however; now I’m working to raise some phenomenal children and managing a spectacular family.

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