WELCOME TO “SIS” Incorporation

SIS is a nonprofit organization that actively serves women across the United States. A community for women, supported by women, where sisters empower sisters. This is really a hang-out spot where women of all ages can come and experience a connectedness and a sense of belonging. The platform is here to explore everything that women are and every dream we can be.


SIS has a steadfast commitment to provide a place where women can exist to be the best of herself and feel supported in doing so. The community advocates for women to pursue their goals, seek self-awareness, embrace self-confidence, affirm self-love and be able to freely express and vocalize themselves, all while having a sisterhood there motivating them. A place where friendships develop, and women are destined to reach unimaginable heights in all they are purposed to do.


Exist to provide an intimate space where women are empowered, embolden, and encouraged in growth through education, discussion, opportunity, community projects, and most importantly in sisterhood.

Expand the platform’s reach and territory to impact women globally. If there is a girl or woman with a need, the community seeks to offer its support in a positive and uplifting way.


Be Beautiful, Be Loved, Be Heard is the organization’s guiding principles, as the platform strives to let all women know they are just that: beautiful, loved, and heard.


In pleasing your senses and mind at the level that brings peace to your soul


In feeling a deep affection and appreciation for the woman you are as you navigate the seen and unseen purpose in your position


To speak strongly, publicly, and unapologetically of your desires with a bold voice